Maximum diversity out of minimum inventory.

At FORMKIND, we dedicate ourselves to innovation in industrial design by developing and applying digital tools. As an algorithmic view of the physical realm, we compose products with the paradigm of parametric design.

Alexander Lorenz

Founder, Creator, CEO


Born in Bavaria, Alexander Lorenz has an academic background in Business Administration from the University of Cologne and Erlangen-Nuremberg where he focused on supply chain management, psychology, and finance. After working with leading industrial enterprises and his own business, Alexander created the patented Kivo system, which is capable of transforming any space to suit any need. Being a product architect he registered several patents and got several design awards. His expertise includes parametric design, programming, algorithms, manufacturing techniques, 3D modeling, and visualization. By combining scientific and entrepreneurial principles, innovative thinking and digital technology, Alexander produces solutions for the workplace of today.