Designed by Alexander Lorenz
for Herman Miller Inc.

Kivo allows the creation of individual space structures that can be reconfigured as and when required. Each triangular module consists of mirror-polished stainless steel elements, which are bolted together with specially designed connectors to form the basic structure. Additional modules can be connected at each side of a triangle. With adjustable angles, the connectors facilitate flexible orientation. The covers made of recyclable felt can be magnetically attached to both sides of the steel frame, resulting in a radically new approach to modular spatial design.

Minimum inventory creates maximum diversity.

The easily reconfigurable and self-supporting Kivo space frame system features a modern design and provides inspiration for new spatial concepts, either as temporary solutions for trade shows and events or as an integrative part of modern office interiors. With Kivo, public buildings can be given an unconventional interior design and in open-plan offices customized individual and meeting units can be created and reconfigured as required. The unique design of the modules’ universal connector, the variability of the structures and the easily exchangeable covers provide almost endless applications and space-in-space design solutions. The felt covers are available in many colors.